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Press Release - AU Transport Telematics Benchmark Report Release

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Research reveals that business owners now rely on emerging technologies to reduce costs, manage fatigue and remain compliant


Sydney, Australia, November 20, 2017 – An overwhelming number of transport businesses now use telematics, according to the 2017 Telematics Benchmark Report: Australian Transport Edition survey released today.

Nearly all (94%) plan to invest heavily in hardware and technologies for their business in the next year, ahead of other planned investments, such as training talent and improving customer experience.

The survey, conducted by Teletrac Navman, a world leading software-as-a-service provider for location-based technologies such as GPS fleet tracking and fleet management solutions, highlights the increasing role of telematics in the modern transport fleet.

Telematics is fast becoming the must-have accessory in transport

  • 88% of transport businesses have either already implemented telematics or are planning to in the next year.
  • Vehicle tracking (82%), speed tracking (74%), distance travelled (74%), driver hours (57%), maintenance (53%), idling (46%) and driver performance (45%) are the most used features
  • Fatigue monitoring is the number one technology (61%) that fleet managers are considering.

Transport has many concerns across the board, that’s where telematics comes in

  • Fuel (57%), payroll (56%), equipment/vehicle maintenance (30%) and vehicle/equipment purchases (23%) are the largest expenses for businesses.
  • Fatigue is the biggest compliant concern for fleet managers (70%), beating out vehicle maintenance (59%) and speed management (37%).
  • The top business challenges are managing costs (51%), growing revenue (23%) and minimising vehicle/driver incidents (20%).
  • Businesses that implemented telematics say they’re better able to prevent speeding (58%), manage fatigue (39%), assess driver behaviour (30%) and improve productivity (23%).

“The Transport sector continues to have a driver shortage, while the Australian freight task is becoming more demanding. Providing maximum cost efficiencies by investing in the parts of the fleet that maximise productivity is a must. We’re passionate about making life easier for fleet managers and drivers by creating technology that is accessible and effective. We’re working closely with the transport industry to strive for a safer and more profitable industry and continue to see telematics as a key component in this change.” says Andrew Rossington, Vice President- Transtech for Teletrac Navman.  

The full report can be found at: 2017 Telematics Benchmark Report: Australia Transportation Edition

Survey Methodology

The 2017 Teletrac Navman Telematics Benchmark Survey is compiled from responses from more than 1,200 fleet operations and fleet management professionals from around the world. This report affords a view into best practices and trends in telematics and fleet management. Of the total survey respondents, 107 who indicated that their primary industry was transportation and are based in Australia provided the data used to produce the 2017 Australia Transportation Benchmark Report. Results may not amount to 100 per cent due to questions with multiple selections. For reporting purposes, all statistical values have been rounded to the nearest whole number.



About Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman is a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider leveraging location-based technology and services for managing mobile assets. With specialised solutions that deliver greater visibility into real-time insights and analytics, Teletrac Navman helps companies make better business decisions that enhance productivity and profitability. Its fleet and asset management technology uncovers information that would otherwise go unseen, helping customers reduce risk and confidently move their business forward with certainty. It tracks and manages more than 500,000 vehicles and assets for more than 40,000 companies around the world. The company is headquartered in Glenview, IL, with additional offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico. For more information visit

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