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Fleet & Compliance Management for the Transport Industry

Fueling the Transport & Logistics Industry

Modern transport and logistics operations have a lot to consider, from operational requirements through to compliance regulations. While safety is a top priority and meeting Chain of Responsibility (CoR) regulations can be challenging, constantly narrowing profit margins to stay competitive may mean you need to find every efficiency. You're focused on the big issues driving your business, luckily telematics can help. For the past 25 years, it's been our mission to provide innovative fleet and compliance management solutions, giving you complete real-time visibility, ensuring compliance, protecting drivers and increasing operational efficiency. 

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Visibility across your fleet

visibility into the fleet

Telematics solutions provide an exception window of insight into an operation previously unobtainable. Fleet management solutions give insight into the things that often matter the most from productivity gains to an increase in efficiency, and give the business the ability to make decisions in real-time using information that they can rely on. Your drivers, vehicles, equipment and back-office staff are the backbone of your entire organisation, yet without the right tools it's difficult to have complete visibility. 

  • Location management tools to help you know where your vehicles are and route your drivers correctly
  • Keep your customers up-to-date and deliver the highest level of service at all times
  • Integrate-able job execution solution that allows you to create and allocate manifests
  • Real-time alerts and detailed actionable insights on events as they occur, not after the fact

Compliance Management Tools

compliance management

With the ever-changing regulatory landscape and the non-stop nature of business, it can be complex and difficult to keep up with all legislative and compliance requirements. Teletrac Navman's solutions allow you to stay in the know about your driver's wellbeing, keep on top of compliance requirements and provide surety in the data your fleet produces. 

  • Automatically converts data into easy-to-read reports that enable you to make effective business decisions and makes the audit process a breeze
  • Alerts as issues and events occur across the business to help you take preventative measures and reduce trends
  • Track & report real-time work and rest hours with an EWD solution that adheres to all Australian fatigue laws
  • Electronically check vehicle conditions and schedule maintenance to stay on top of vehicle conditions
  • Manage mass and pre-start checklists electronically to reduce paperwork and comply with the NHVAS
  • Manage all paperwork, from gazettes to permits, in one place and share electronically to all drivers across your fleet

Integration and connected workflow

integration and connected workflows

With so many aspects of the business to manage at once, you need to be able to view and compare all aspects easily and effectively. Integration into your existing business systems is important for success. Being able to keep your operation top of mind and ensure nothing falls by the wayside is helped with telematics by pulling and pushing data in real-time or in sync with platforms.

  • Create more efficient scheduling processes with a view into job execution - assign jobs to drivers while they're out on the road and watch their progress in the office
  • Connect vehicles to an on-board mass weighing system to ensure compliance to permit requirements, such as the Interim On-Board Mass program (OBM)
  • Automatically pull mass via axle-groups for drivers to attain in real time to submit to the office for accurate mass records 

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