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Fleet Management for Corporate Fleets

Optimise fleet operations while reducing costs

Teletrac Navman gives fleet managers the power to optimise fleet operations, reduce risk and add value by tracking, measuring and improving the way their fleet operates. DIRECTOR enables corporate fleets to become more efficient, reducing overall costs, such as fuel, maintenance or FBT and their carbon footprint. It also helps fleets to comply with Workplace, Health & Safety regulations.

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Reduce your operational costs

Managing corporate fleets can be a challenging task. Each litre of unnecessary fuel used and every minute of idling is not only lost money but also additional wear and tear for the vehicle, leading to deterioration. DIRECTOR helps monitoring and managing vehicle utilisation to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. These are the benefits of DIRECTOR's efficiency tools:

  • Manage driver behaviour to eliminate idling, speeding, harsh braking etc.
  • Set up alerts for unauthorised after hours vehicle use
  • Schedule preventative maintenance


Comply with Work, Health & Safety

The Work, Health and Safety Act requires businesses to have a work, health and safety policy in place. Every individual in an organisation is responsible for their work environment and must be pro-active in identifying and mitigating risks. DIRECTOR enables corporate fleets to comply with work, health and safety legislations with the following features:

  • Monitor and manage driver behaviour such as speeding & harsh braking
  • Set up alerts  to schedule regular maintenance checks
  • Satellite Communications provides constant two-way communication with drivers even in remote areas

Adhere to Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) regulations

Updating manual logbooks can be difficult and time consuming, especially for a large fleet subject to Fringe Benefit Tax. DIRECTOR's ATO approved FBT report enables businesses to manage their FBT liability more efficiently at the push of a button. When starting the engine, drivers need to record whether the planned trip was for business or private use via the in-cab device. DIRECTOR will gather all the information and calculate the FBT liability based on operational costs, which can save thousands of dollars.

Track fuel usage and CO2 emissions

Keeping up with our environmental responsibility, DIRECTOR reports on a vehicle-by-vehicle breakdown of CO2 emissions. Additionally, corporate fleet managers can use the same report to examine fuel consumption per vehicle. These reports can be organised by day, month, year, and by individual vehicle type. DIRECTOR also provides trends over time for fuel use and emissions to identify problem vehicles and drivers.   

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