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Driver Safety

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A Guide To Driver Safety

How you can create and implement a Safety Management System in your business?

Australia’s modern transport industry sees businesses content with a myriad of challenges from maintaining compliance to meeting customer needs. How do you seek solutions to the issues that lie in-between? By investing in telematics and a comprehensive fleet safety program that can help protect your employees, business and assets, you can reap the benefits that extend far beyond compliance

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Fleet Safety

How to create a comprehensive fleet safety program

Australia’s modern transport and logistics industry sees businesses contend with a myriad of challenges. From maintaining compliance to and meeting customer needs and everything else in between. Operators are seeking solutions to these issues, to ultimately improve productivity and increase profits in a world where margins are tight. Yet investing in a comprehensive safety program makes safe driving performance an everyday goal, you can reap benefits that extend far beyond the road.

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Fleet Safety Checklist

9 steps for minimising risk

After assessing the factors causing risk in a fleet, and identifying recurrent issues stemming from poor driving performance, the next phase is to put new safety measures in place, or expand upon ones already established, in what is often referred to as a Safety Management System (SMS). 

To build a safety-first organisation, it’s critical to first ensure that you have full participation and commitment from senior management. They are ultimately responsible for the safety of all employees, right through to your administrative staff and drivers.

Fleet Data

How to use your fleet's data to predict and prevent unsafe events 

Thanks to new technologies available, such as GPS and fleet and compliance management software, transport companies have a direct line of sight into how their drivers are performing while on duty.  What you may not realise is that businesses can take this information one step further by not only preventing, but predicting, unsafe events.

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Coaching & Training

How to train and coach drivers on best safety practices 

A fleet and compliance management solution not only helps to benchmark and measure driver performance – it can also be used to educate drivers on improving unsafe habits. While performance data is a powerful tool for driver education, a truly successful safety program allows for ongoing feedback and personalised coaching to reinforce safety and good performance outcomes. Pulling together information in a way that is constructive can be a challenge but it’s an important consideration when training staff.  

Safety Management System

4 ways to lower costs and increase profits through safety management 

Contrary to popular belief, a safety program positively impacts all layers of a business—not just the drivers on the road. Companies that have thoroughly considered safety and compliance into their practices (and procedures) and established an overall culture of safety, can attest to the benefits that extend far beyond the road.

Unlike the way unsafe driving behaviour creates harmful waves and eventually impact customers, greater safety management can create a ripple effect of efficiencies, productivity and savings.

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Putting Together An Effective Driver Safety Program

Through fleet management and effective business practices and processes that take on-board the technology, you are able to positively influence the workplace to ensure a safe working environment for all, at all times. 

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