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Teletrac Navman

Our Electronic Work Diary is now NHVR-approved for use - Press Release | EWD Solution

Easy Document Management


In-Vehicle Electronic Documents

Eliminate paperwork from the cab of the vehicle

Drivers need to keep a large number of documents in vehicles to meet various legislative requirements. Ensuring every driver has the correct documents can be a tedious exercise as they often get updated. Documents can now be stored electronically as long as they’re always in the vehicle and available for inspection. Make paperwork a thing of the past. Move forward into a paperless in-cabin experience and realise the benefits of real-time data.

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Easily Organise Documents

Organise Your Documents Electronically

Ensuring that all of your documents are valid and up-to-date is an ongoing challenge for any operations, big or small. Storing documents electronically reduces the administration involved with keeping paperwork, manuals, permits and more current. With Teletrac Navman’s Easydocs, your drivers will always have the required documents at their fingertips. Administrative staff can forward updated documents in real-time with ease.  

Electronic Forms

Make Paperwork A Thing Of The Past 

Capturing information has been an issue for any transport company. With drivers constantly in and out of depots and often on the road for days at a time, it can be difficult to get information back in a timely fashion. Recording on paper can often be difficult, constantly being misplaced, damaged or illegible. What about the information that’s not being recorded? Fluid fill up levels, incident reports; the list goes on.

Iface Forms