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TN360 Scorecard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Why was it built?

TN360 Scorecard

Scorecard has been built into TN360 from years of industry input and requests, customer and driver feedback and years of improving on a solution that is also designed to improve safety outcomes for all businesses. The driver scorecard application is a great tool to provide drivers with instant feedback relating to their driving behaviours and can be used by fleet managers to reward good driving habits.


Does Scorecard appear automatically in TN360?

Scorecard is value-added solution available to all our customers in TN360 and will appear automatically.

Are there any recommendations to using the Scorecard system?

The driver scorecard module should always be used to highlight good driving behaviour, creating friendly competition between drivers and not to be utilised to penalise anyone. It can also be successfully used to identify poor behaviours and provide personalised coaching to drivers.

Are drivers able to view each other’s scores?

No, on the in-vehicle device, drivers can only see their own scores on the metrics that are measured, along with the branch and company average.

Do the scores consider the overall drive time of the driver? For example, 5 events for someone who drives 10 hours a day is not as bad as someone who only drives 1 hour a day.

Driver time is not factored into overall score – a good driver will still have a good score, after many hours of driving.

Is the fuel used metric based on engine management data or a figure you enter that is then calculated server side?

Fuel use is based off engine management data and provides scores for this metric when CAN bus data is available from the vehicle.

Are you able to get weekly/monthly/yearly figures?

Yes, via reporting. You can select a relevant report period to gain the scores for all metrics and drivers.

Am I able to adjust how metrics are scored? If I change these, does it take affect retrospectively or from then on?

Yes, through the Scorecard module in TN360, you have the options to adjust how each score against each metric is calculated under buckets based on the metric itself. Scores per driver are always measured against the current value in the bucket per metric, so retrospectively.

Are you able to exclude a single metric or all metrics entirely?

Yes, you can remove a single metric or all metrics from Scorecard in TN360 with a few simple steps.

What if a driver questions the quality of the data in relation to the scoring or their ranking?

The data is generated from highly reliable in-vehicle telematics devices that are specifically designed to deliver high-definition data from the vehicle to TN360. This is delivered to the same standard across all customers around the world.

How is the data attained for Scorecard?

The data is directly attained from in-vehicle telematics for scoring on each of the individual metrics. The type of device fitted will affect the type of data available for scoring. For example, speed is captured directly from the in-vehicle telematics, but if an additional Vehicle Performance Module is fitted, the speed data is captured directly from the engine.  

What data is included in the speed metric in Scorecard?

The speed metric in Scorecard encapsulates all speed events, regardless of how it’s captured – from company configurated speed, geofence speed or sign-posted speed.

Our vehicles are generating a high of number of harsh events relating to acceleration, braking and idling, can I change the vehicle event settings?

Yes, you are able to change the engine profile settings directly in TN360.

Can I setup vehicle engine settings for different classes of vehicles – i.e Truck v Delivery Van?

Yes, you can complete this within TN360 under vehicle types for your company.