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Teletrac Navman

Change the way drivers interact with the road and environment to create safer outcomes with our Smart Dashcam

GPS tracking benefits


Intelligent daily fleet management with real-time GPS tracking

Monitor location, costs, schedules and more, to optimise performance

GPS tracking software gives you a comprehensive overview of your vehicle and asset fleet operations, in real time. This is information you can use in making data-driven business decisions, resulting in greater profitability day in and day out.

Factual data and real-time reporting on vehicle location, speed, fuel consumption, job progress and more can help you stay on top of customer expectations and build repeat business, while staying compliant with regulatory demands and helping ensure safety. 


Reducing costs with GPS technology

Increase revenue and reduce costs

When managing a fleet, information is essential – constant monitoring and analysis is the key to achieving results. Our fleet management solutions deliver real-time reporting on the costs, labour and fleet trends in day-to-day operations, allowing for simplified and accurate decision making.

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How Fleet Management improves customer service

Reinforce customer satisfaction

Every part of any given business transaction has influence on your customer's perception of your operation, from order entry to delivery, communication and timing. Our fleet management solutions gives visibility at every step of the process to help avert delays or omissions to ensure a favourable impression – and repeat business.

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Compliance management with telematics

Assure regulatory compliance

Industry regulations are complex and often undergo constant revision. When it comes to ensuring you and your staff's obligations to compliance laws are met, it can often be difficult to keep up with a growing business at the same time. Helps your operation remain compliant to avoid potential challenges, penalties and even liability. 

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Driver and community safety with GPS vehicle tracking

Promote fleet safety

Proactively managing safety can help reduce risks and prevent incidents to preserve an organisation’s reputation – a far more valuable asset than most think. Our vehicle tracking system can help reduce risk of incidents, fines and penalties, and physical, legal or financial damage. A program that supports safe driving pays dividends in many ways.

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Get the latest in fleet and asset management

Rely on GPS tracking to help you make the right call, every time.