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How GPS Tracking Technology Is Driving Business Growth

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

The deployment of GPS tracking solutions into pizza chain Domino's is one example of how Navman Wireless technologies are helping Australian companies to drive business growth and increase profitability.

In July Navman Wireless announced its GPS vehicle tracking solution had been implemented across Domino's Australia's entire fleet of delivery vehicles, to increase efficiency and improve safety for its drivers, while allowing consumers to track their pizza delivery in real time.

After a successful pilot program where Domino's experienced increased revenue and fewer driver accidents, the company decided to install GPS tracking devices into all of its vehicles operating from Domino's 540+ stores nationwide including electric bikes, scooters and cars. The deployment was the biggest in Navman Wireless history.

The device provides visibility and insight into driver behaviour which helps keep Domino's staff safe while also ensuring delivery efficiency. The Navman Wireless GPS fleet management technology, allows store managers to see that their employees are driving safely - the tracking device alerts managers when drivers are speeding or braking excessively. In the event that a driver gets into an accident or becomes the victim of a crime, GPS tracking immediately alerts emergency personnel.

Access to real time data also allows Domino's to optimise driver delivery routes leading to reduced petrol costs and quicker service to customers. The device tracks engine data, monitoring revolutions per minute, braking distances and swerving, to build an accurate picture of driver performance and wear and tear on company vehicles.

In announcing the company results this week, Domino's Group CEO and Managing Director Don Meij said in an attempt to win customers from drive-through fast food outlets, Domino's will roll out a 15-minute and 20-minute home delivery guarantee, backed by Navman Wireless' GPS tracking technology.

"We know when we can safely deliver to a customer within 20 minutes, or safely deliver to a customer within 15 minutes, [so]?we can now offer them a premium service," Don Meij?said.

The company also plans to open a further 180 to 200 new stores in the coming 12 months, and is looking to post record-high store growth in Australia and New Zealand.

Navman Wireless technologies are making a big difference to company bottom lines. By implementing our GPS fleet management technology we have not only increased safety on the roads, we have also enabled customers to drive business sales.

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