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Our Electronic Work Diary is now NHVR-approved for use - Press Release | EWD Solution

TMW TruckMate

Transport freight management system integration for job execution

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Category: Trimble's TMW TruckMate is an integration partner for job execution.

Solution: Job Management

Software: TN360, NextGen

Hardware: N/A

Website: TMW TruckMate


Whether your challenge is growing sales, increasing service levels, boosting revenue per mile, managing compliance, controlling costs, reducing driver turnover, cutting empty miles, or all of the above, you’ll never stop evolving with hardware and software solutions from Trimble Transportation.


  • Customised workflow built into SmartJobs to suit your business's workflow
  • Ability to manage and schedule runsheets with ease from the FMS and see instantly in SmartJobs
  • View scheduled runs and assign to vehicles on the fly
  • Allows you to see current job progress to keep customers informed
  • Provides key metrics in real-time to help you better understand your jobs
  • Complete reporting, including KPI, non-delivery, proof of delivery, and more 
  • Driver application available through an in-vehicle device via SmartJobs
  • Advanced reporting to help you better understand jobs, performance and efficiency
  • Integration with freight management system providers to link your existing systems
  • Provides an interface for drivers to complete jobs digitally  
  • Automated notifications can be set up for proof of delivery
  • Options for barcode scanning, demurrage, pre-start checklists, navigation, sign-on-glass and photos for proof of delivery 


As the leading provider of transportation management, business intelligence and fleet maintenance solutions – Trimble Transportation maintains a laser focus on supporting transportation businesses like yours in the never-ending journey to accelerate growth while maximizing efficiency and bottom-line performance.