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Teletrac Navman

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Loadmass / Loadman Transport Technology Solutions

Interim On-Board Mass Integration Partner

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Category: Integrated Scales for
On Board Mass

Solution: Integration for OBM

Software: TN360, NextGen

Hardware: Digital Scales 

Website: Loadmass / Loadman


Loadmass/Loadman digital on-board heavy-vehicle scales are certified by Transport Certification Australia for use in the Interim On-Board Mass (OBM) program and integrate with Teletrac Navman's telematics and fleet management solutions.


  • Digital scales with Transport Certification Australia (TCA) type approved for Interim Onboard Mass Scales (OBM) program
  • Displays real-time mass within the Mass Manager application on the in-vehicle device
  • Driver is able to submit real-time mass from the scales to the fleet management system at any time
  • Thorough mass management reporting available around the clock through the fleet management system
  • On-board scales allow customers to accurately know their specific axle weights at the loading site
  • Maximum productivity - best possible load, least possible risk. Load the perfect load every time
  • Reduce operational costs - costly check weighs. Out-of-route km’s. Extra repairs. Maximise your transport equipments capacity
  • Eliminate wasted time - reworking loads then check weighing at a weigh bridge—what a waste of time. Your driver has better things to do
  • Reduce fines - just avoiding one hefty overweight fine; your Air-Weigh scale has payed for itself


Distributing scale systems for more than 20 years, Loadmass are about making life in the heavy hauling game easier — and more accurate. Loadmass Pty Ltd is the leader in the supply and installation of vehicle on-board truck scale systems and associated software across three main industries: road transport, waste management, and mining and construction.