Qtanium Connect

Heavy equipment tracking for the connected job site

qtanium connect

Qtanium Connect

Make the most of heavy equipment and construction fleets with Qtanium Connect

In construction, bulk materials, mining and paving, the jobs are big — but the profit margins can often be small. It is a business where projects go to the lowest bidder and managers have to get the most out of available resources.

Qtanium Connect from Teletrac Navman is the asset tracking and management solution designed to help construction, bulk materials and heavy equipment professionals stay ahead of the competition.




With Qtanium Connect, users can maximise revenue by optimising asset utilisation and fuel management data to make the job site more productive — getting more work out of every workday. At the same time, users can keep costs under control by identifying issues that may otherwise go unseen and implementing real-time changes to prevent expenses from getting out of hand.

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Data, Simplified

job site solution for construction industry

Qtanium Connect is a unique solution for a complicated challenge: the difficulty in managing information provided by multiple data inputs.

Heavy-equipment and mixed-vehicle fleets normally comprise a variety of OEM telematics units. These deliver inputs — such as engine data, fuel consumption and tire pressures — from different vehicles and third-party systems, in a complex, incompatible stream of data.

Qtanium Connect is the telematics management portal that consolidates this diverse set of information into one easy-to-manage readout. It offers up-to-the-minute reports for making informed decisions on maintenance, routing, fuel consumption, load scheduling and more.

With Qtanium Connect, managing a fleet and maximising performance has never been easier.

Better Information for More Efficiency

The selectable, customisable data summaries provided through Qtanium Connect give users a quick read on how the job is proceeding, and highlight areas that may need attention. These actionable data include:

  • An equipment report to ensure that the right assets are where they belong, so that managers can relocate units that are inactive, or add more to get the job done.
  • Detailed fuel reports to track fuel consumption and reduce engine idling.
  • Maintenance reports to make sure that servicing is carried out when required and avoid breakdowns.
  • A unified production report for optimising job site haul cycles and minimise queuing, regulate speed, and adjust vehicle loads.

real-time information at your hand

Make Your Own Rules

job site and project visibility

With its easy-use settings and custom capability, Qtanium Connect secures visibility of information by selecting each users’ level of access to data — Individual users can also input their own thresholds and goals. If, for example, production is falling behind schedule or fuel consumption is rising too rapidly, an automatic alert will let the user know in time to implement action.

Communications between you and your team include a number of options:

  • Direct messaging to the driver
  • Vehicle activity replay to view driving behaviour
  • Vehicle/equipment data including maintenance alerts
  • Activity summary that categorises use as business or private

Remote jobsite management capability

Managers can rely on Qtanium Connect to track site equipment and monitor all activity, streamline site functions, anticipate required maintenance to prevent breakdowns, and maintain asset security. The platform provides:

  • Load and scale data recording that expedites loading and weighing operations
  • Non-powered asset tracking for constant verification of job site equipment
  • Mobile tablet device for portability and convenience
  • QR code quick scan for use at the site to capture essential data in one pass

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