Driving Change: A Closer Look at Women in Transport

Thank you for your interest in our Whitepaper. We hope these insights into the productivity and ROI benefits of diversity and gender equality encourage conversations in your workplace.




Blog: 5 ways to attract and keep the best drivers in a shortage

There aren’t enough drivers to meet demand in the road freight industry. IBISWorld figures show that the Australian road freight industry is growing at 3% a year, while the Centre for Automotive Safety Research predicts the number of freight tasks scheduled in 2005 will double by 2030.

Infographic: Women In Transport: The State Of The Industry

Women make up just 16.9 per cent of transport roles in Australia, but a push for gender diversity and the growth of the industry has opened up opportunities for change and a way to help future-proof transport for many years to come. So, what is the current state of the industry?

Q&A: Tackling Diversity In The Transport Industry With Lindsay Australia’s Melissa Strong

We sat down and had a chat with Melissa Strong, Lindsay Australia’s Safety, People and Culture Manager, about her experience in transport, the importance of workplace diversity, and how others can follow her example.