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An NHVR certified Electronic Work Diary (EWD) is a solution used to record and monitor driver work and rest times as a voluntary replacement to the written work diary. EWDs allow you to proactively manage fatigue, reduce re-keying of spreadsheets and enable easy auditing with a click of a button.

While EWDs have traditionally been used to augment the paper work diary, an NHVR approved system can be used in place of the paper work diary. With EWDs, you can get instant feedback on the current fatigue status of drivers, as well as historic views, reporting and alerts, to keep everyone safe and aware. Compliance and enforcement views also make monitoring of driver behaviour and compliance with current safety law simple for everyone involved.

But how does an EWD work? Operating an EWD is simple. Drivers are able to record work and rest hours on an in-cabin touchscreen device by tapping the correct buttons on screen. Follow along on the following infographic to get a visual guide on how it works. 

how do electronic work diaries work infographic

How to manage fatigue with electronic work diaries

Can you ensure your drivers are compliant?

Download the free eBook now to learn how challenges can be overcome with the use of EWDs. Even when used in conjunction with existing systems, an EWD delivers many safety, cost and time-saving benefits.


Chris L'Ecluse is a Solution Specialist - Enterprise at Teletrac Navman.

Chris L'Ecluse is Solution Specialist at Teletrac Navman and a Work, Health & Safety guardian angel. A qualified Master Driver Trainer, Chris has extensive experience, knowledge and background to educate industries on work, health & safety laws and safe driving behaviour.