Telematics Benchmark Report


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2019 Telematics Benchmark Report

Executive Summary and Recommendations

A variety of fleet management and fleet operations professionals participated in the survey, bringing expertise from the transportation, retail, manufacturing and other industries. The report examines best practices, trends and current issues influencing fleet management in Australia. The survey was conducted between April-May 2019.

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Fuel costs concerning

Fuel costs are a top concern and are threatening companies’ cost management efforts making it difficult to realise top business goals of reducing operational costs.

Fewer reported incidents

Nearly half (48%) report that telematics has helped reduce driver incidents, up significantly compared to 2018 (23%).

Focus on fatigue

Companies’ chief compliance concern is fatigue monitoring. As such, consideration is highest for implementing fatigue monitoring technology (up significantly compared to 2018) and is expected to have the greatest operational impact.

Traffic congestion

Traffic congestion is cited as the biggest external industry threat. Route planning telematics can help drivers navigate alternate routes.

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