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Mass Management & Pre-Trip Checklists

Peace of mind for your business

Complying to mass regulations is a major concern for operators. Exceeding the strict limits can lead to heavy penalties. With Teletrac Navman’s Mass Manager, the process is made simple, helping your business remain compliant with the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS).

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Accurate Mass Reports

Drivers are able to record axle group mass and vehicle configuration, as well as other required route information straight into the in-vehicle device. Teletrac Navman’s Mass Manager gives everyone in the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) convenient access to information by:

  • Eliminating paperwork from vehicles, which creates huge efficiency savings by not having to re-enter data.
  • Providing real-time report data at the click of a button that can be exported into an Excel spreadsheet for a simpler audit process.
  • Allowing drivers to view the past history of declared mass directly from the device.

Pre-Trip Checklist

At the start of each journey, drivers must confirm that both they, and their vehicles are fit for purpose. Teletrac Navman’s Pre-Trip Checklist allows them to go through a pre-defined checklist of vehicle safety in order to ensure compliance with the NHVAS rules. The application simplifues the process by:

  • Allowing you to create your own pre-trip checklists for all types of vehicles in the fleet
  • Giving the office real-time visibility into the condition of the fleet, allowing maintenance to take preventative measures or fix problems before the driver has even left the yard.
  • Generating audit information instantly; no more hunting for lost or misfiled paperwork.

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