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Easy Document Management

Eliminate paperwork from the cab of the vehicle

Teletrac Navman's Easy Docs make your life easier by providing all necessary paperwork on an electronic device, ready for sharing between driver, back office staff and fleet operator.

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Organise your paperwork electronically

Permits, gazettes, safe driving plans, job dispatch information and accreditation; ensuring drivers have the right paperwork in the cabin of the vehicle can have them buried under mounds of paper. Ensuring that all of these documents are valid and up to date is an ongoing challenge for the office. Storing documents electronically minimises paperwork and reduces administration. With Teletrac Navman’s Easydocs, your drivers will always have the required documents and administrative staff can forward updated documents in real-time. Easydocs makes it easy for fleet operators and back-office staff to manage and share documents by providing:

  • Instant driver notification of new and updated documents; provides easy access to documents that are legally or operationally required in the cab.
  • Documents that are viewable independent of network range and are downloaded straight to the device.
  • Managing distribution so that relevant documents can be sent to specific fleets that rarely return to depots. 

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